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If you would like to watch videos directly from your iPad, it is easy. The App Store has an Amazon Instant Video app available that you can download right now. It is free and it is easy to do. Simply locate it in the App Store, click install, and let it finish up. Once done, you can start browsing through available videos and finding the one that you want to watch. It offers a great, intuitive layout that will allow you to watch your favorite television shows and movies without a problem. There is no need to turn on your computer at all.

Sometimes, though, you want to watch on a big screen. Maybe you prefer the larger size of the Roku com link screen or maybe you want to watch with other people. Whatever the reason, you need a way to watch Amazon Instant Video on the television. If you have an iPad, you can do that with ease. One way that most people will stream their devices is using an HDMI cord. With the iPad, though, you have AirPlay, allowing you to send the video to TV instantly. Watch HD shows and movies from your couch using your iPad and the Amazon Instant Video application.

Keep in mind that you cannot do this offline. You may receive a playback error if there is no connection to the internet. This is because you are streaming directly from the Amazon service, not using downloaded files. You have to keep your iPad connected to the internet while you watch the show or movie. Any disruptions may result in the error mentioned above and may require that you reconnect to the internet and possibly refresh the video. Amazon typically keeps your spot, though, so you can continue where you left off.

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