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Looking for the best places to visit in Denmark can be an overwhelming experience. Once you are planning to travel to Denmark, you will find it hard to create a list of your preferred destinations due to the large selection of tourist attractions. In order to help you create your itinerary, we listed some of the most renowned places in Denmark that you need to see.

What to Do in Denmark

Most of the best places what to do in Denmark visit in Denmark will occur on the outdoors. This place is known for its stunning natural sceneries such as the majestic cliffs and the sand dunes.

Copenhagen Zoo

One of the best things to do in Denmark is to visit the oldest zoo in Europe which is the Copenhagen Zoo. This place was first open to the public in 1859 that features 264 species that are housed in a 27-acre facility. At least 3,000 different animals have been calling the Copenhagen Zoo as their home. Due to its sheer size, the management decided to divide the zoo in different sections. You may go what to do in Denmark the Tropical zoo that perfectly mimics the setting of the tropical rainforest where you will find animals such as butterfly garden, crocodiles, snakes, and deer.

Thy National Park

The Thy National Park is considered as Denmark’s first national park. It covers a total of 12 kilometres on the area known as Jutland. In this location, you will find a vast forest that is covered by pine trees and rugged landscapes. Some of the things to do in Denmark include biking and hiking on this natural park. You may also gaze upon the picturesque beauty of the sand dunes while admiring the beauty of the local wildlife species. The place is also a perfect spot for bird watching since there are over 30 species of birds found in this location.

Egeskov Castle

Perhaps one of the most popular places to visit in Denmark would be the Egeskov Castle which is the prime example of the European Renaissance architecture. Some of the sections that you should visit in this castle include the Knight’s Hall and the elegant spires. The area surrounding the castle is also known for its local trails and building.

The Viking Burial Ground

In case you happen to visit the area of Lindholm Hoje, some of the popular things to do in Denmark by the tourist are visiting the museum and exploring the burial ground of the Vikings. This place was originally undiscovered before they have been put to display. The different grave sites here can be traced back during the Viking and Iron Age. There are at least 682 grave marks in this location. You may also enjoy exploring the preserved village that comes with wells and stone circles.

This place is indeed a fascinating destination that is filled with diverse things to do in Denmark. For those who are visiting the country for the first time, the destinations we mentioned here will lets you experience the different sides of the country.

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