I’m John Freeman the Creator of Drivers Lanes. I have over twenty four years in the Trucking Industry. I was a Company Driver, then an Independent Owner Operator and even an Truck Driving School Instructor. In the summer of 1983, I rode in my first eighteen wheeler at the age of thirteen with my uncle. I found it amazing. However, I noticed, some of the same issues that truckers had then are still some of the same ones we are still having today. Technology has made the industry easier for trucking companies, shippers and receivers, but has done very little for the american truckers which is truly the lifeblood of this industry and our country.

I also came up with Drivers Lanes to help create a healthier and more knowledgeable trucker.

I came up with Drivers Lanes while serving in Iraq. I wanted to come back to trucking, but I hated all the lies and manipulations that stained the trucking Industry from trucking companies, truck dealerships, repair shops and crooked law officials. However, what I truly hated was how everyone took those things as just part of the business of trucking.

I wanted to give truckers the ability to fight back and to assist military personnel that wanted to come into the Trucking Industry. This is a roadmap that would help them avoid all the traps that I and other truckers fell into. With this also came the idea of teaching the motoring public about the operations of the Trucking Industry, by assisting them with making fun and safe trips across the country. We want to give a helping hand to law officials by keeping a close eye on a few officers that may be abusing their power, keeping extra eyes out on the American Highways when it comes to alerts such as, Amber Alerts, Grey Alerts, Alerts for wanted fugitives, etc.

In closing drivers lanes will help businesses, put their products on a platform that would enhance the promotion of the goods and services that they wish to put in front of present and future customers and clients or patients.

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